Thursday, December 5, 2013


Salam Jumaat buat semua. It's been quite a while since the last time i wrote something in here. Yeah, pertukaran status daripada PELAJAR kepada PEKERJA brings quite a huge impact to me basically. Now i know how hard it is to earn living, how hard it is to get whatever things we want. Anyway, let bygone be bygone. What past is past, marilah kita bersama merancang masa depan yang lebih baik dan gemilang bersama. Ok, thats not the full stop of my writing today, but here it is; I am thinking of getting my blog changed from a very personal kind of profile to something more interesting to share, something that is better to read and know. I am going back to my ambition, even though my ambition of being a journalist tak tercapai. Takpe, kita ada new media untuk kita work out dan capai cita-cita kita tu. So what am i going to do with my blog is that, i will change it from whatever it is right now to a broader perspective, travelogue blog. Yeay!! Basically, i was inspired to do this when i am full of stress thinking of my loads of outstanding job + my long due recruitment plan yang masih tak boleh nak menunjukkan hasil and i just cant wait for my vacation next week. So starting from next week, after i came back from my vacation i'll update lots of interesting places i've been to with you guys ok? Greeeeaaaat!! See you guys. LOL <3

Friday, December 7, 2012


Jatuh cinta? semestinya but when he look deeply into my eyes, i can see the sparkle in it. And amazingly i fall in love, not once not twice. its again and again and again and again with him, how i wish i could stop that beautiful moment so that the feeling remain forever after. God, i love him. What more when he's there swearing his love for me. Yes, i do love you too sayang. Dear Allah, please keep this guy with me forever. I love him and i pray to you to keep him with me forever. Dont ever let me fall down again, i need him to give me strenght apart from the part of Yours. Dear Allah, please help us to keep this relationship as how it is now until the end of our life. Amin.

Friday, May 7, 2010

[MV] 庾澄庆 Harlem Yu ~ 情非得已 Qing Fei De Yi

Harlem Yu - Qing Fei De Yi

Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni ( 我是真的真的很爱你 ) - F4

Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni,Jerry Yan

ting shuo gan qing yao mang mang lei ji

you bu de rang wo fang shi ren xing

zen me wo xun gui dao ju

pin le ming fu chu

ni mei you hui ying

ting shuo gan qing nan mian li bu chong xin

yi bu yi ju que bu jian zhong ying

ni gei de yan sheng hao bi

da re tian li yi dao leng kong qi

wo shi zhen de zhen de zhen de hen ai ni

yi wei fu chu le yi qie jiu fei dei you yi yi

ni gei de nan ti

wo bu ceng tao bi

shui jiao wo yi ai ni cheng xing

zhong you yi tian ke yi yong li jin jin bao zhu ni

bi jin ji xu de hu xi ye yao you dian mu di

yi sheng de shang tong

wei qu de hen ji

zai ni fang bei de yan jing li

dou shi lin

F4 - Can't Lose You